10 Lesson On-line Course                    


 Self-Defence Instructors Course  

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This is the only course of its kind that teaches you

in a logical sequence how to psychologically prepare yourself

to resist the unexpected threat of assault.


We will take you through a series of 10 ON-LINE Lessons, that are well-presented and carefully researched material that will enable you to become a World Wide Accredited Self-Defence Instructor Coach.


This series of course material, notes, diagrams, pictures were placed in such an effective order that enables the student, both male and female over 18 years of age to absorb themselves in this study and obtain results.


Results are achieved and you will learn.

You will have enough knowledge; information, data, reference material and the physical skill technique to conduct your own Self-Defence classes for people within the community in any country around the World.


You will become more confident and proud of your achievements.


Students that have taken this program have found it to be a real challenge, increased their self-esteem and have become more powerful individuals and able to deal with all confrontational situations.


Other students that desire to educate themselves have become successful Personal Trainers for all types of clients. You too, can educate and personally train clients both male and female of all ages, from the Film and TV Stars, to School Teachers, from a teenage student to a Businessman or Woman, from a Security Guard to a Private  Investigator or Federal Agent.


Conduct one to one training sessions or group classes, you too can become a successful Instructor and everyone wants to protect themselves.


Achieve results for yourself and have another qualification that can improve your work prospects.


Earn money, educate others and be a strong and powerful individual.

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