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Corporate Sessions, circuit, fitness, stress management and meditation sessions at our facility for the corporate client. 


For individuals or corporate arranged groups participating at our full equipped training centre, structured circuit and aerobic sessions for fitness, stress management, incorporating meditation and relaxation sessions.


The aim is to become fit, healthy and learn to release your energy and focus new skills on speed balls, punch bags, skip ropes, hand weights, focus pads etc. Fun and exciting classes to music supervised by experienced and qualified instructors at our facility.



Industry Programs, body language, negotiation skills, conflict resolution & defensive skills. “Knowledge is Power”; we give you that Knowledge.


Structured staff industry based programs for Hospitality, Legal, Municipal Council, Government Departments, Security and staff education in general. Professionally presented theory, practical and role-play sessions in body language, negotiation skills, conflict resolution, threat & risk assessment, personal safety & defensive skills.


Knowledge is Power; we give you that Knowledge.


Participating groups may not be mentioned due to confidentiality; however they range from local councils, hotels, government department and national security firms. This program is based on staff requirements and is presented at the clients work site or our facility.   



Self-Defence Courses, for the Corporate or School Systems; Level 1 and Level 2 core curriculum courses for Government schools & Private Colleges, and for the corporate client.


The average Self-Defence Course is no more than a grab-bag of clever techniques. Better courses are arranged systematically and in a sensible order, such as  - what to do when the attacker is standing away, what to do when he/she is close enough to grapple with, and what to do when taken to the floor.  Most importantly how to use your brain.


So what is Self-Defence?

It is in fact a means by which we can protect ourselves or others from those who would do us harm. It can also mean to avoid rather than attack.


SELF-DEFENCE is a SURVIVAL SKILL; it is as necessary as a basic knowledge of First Aid or Water Safety.


We all hope we don't have to use those skills, but most would prefer to know SOMETHING in case of emergency. It may save a life or even prevent an injury. You and your family are the most important asset.


Off Campus Core Curriculum Level 1 & Level 2 Self-Defence Award Courses: Participating Schools: Melbourne Grammar School, Lauriston Girls’ School, St. Margaret’s School, Upwey High School, Rowville Secondary College, Boronia High School and many more schools.


Courses are designed according to schools requirements.




Senior Kung-Fu,  learn the Art of Kung-Fu. Develop your Fitness, Confidence and Self-Defence. A World Wide International System.


An International - World Wide System. Our classes combine the Traditional Chinese Martial Art training of Shaolin Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Tai-Chi and modern fitness training principles. 


The learning of Shaolin Martial Arts refines human movement, improves skills, coordination, & relaxation, utilises the body more intelligently and prevents injuries.



Kids Kung-Fu, for boys and girls from 5 – 15 years of age. An International 8 Level Award  System. 


Since 1980, our quality programs have educated thousands of boys & girls from 5 – 15 years of age. Our International Kung-Fu System has 8 Levels (Junior Kung-Fu).


Our Program and Teaching Method is effective.


Your child is mentally and physically motivated and results are achieved.



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