Junior Kung-Fu - Information



Kids Kung-Fu, for boys and girls from 5 15 years of age. An International 8 Level Award System.


Since 1980, our quality programs have educated thousands of boys & girls from 5 15 years of age. 


Our International Kung-Fu System has 8 Levels (Junior Kung-Fu). Our Program and Teaching Method is effective. Your child is mentally and physically motivated and results are achieved. This program develops and improves:


!Mental concentration  !Eye/Hand co-ordination
!Physical Fitness !Self-Defence
!Confidence   !Social Skills 
!Discipline !Respect 
!Pride !Safety


Timetable & Fees    Praying Mantis Histroy   The Origin Of Praying Mantis Kung-Fu   Kung-Fu Learn The Art    How The Body Learns The Art


Colour me cartoons  Crane Stance Kick          High Side Kick

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