Kung-Fu Learn the Art

Our classes combine the Traditional Chinese Martial Art training of Shaolin Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu and modern fitness training principles.


Classes are programmed to maximise your use of time. You develop your, fitness, flexibility, strength, physical and mental stamina. A complete mind & body workout.


The learning of Shaolin Martial Arts refines human movement, improves skills, coordination, and relaxation, utilises the body more intelligently and prevents injuries. It creates a life-long freedom of body movement, resorting the natural rhythms which modern lifestyles have inhibited.


Kung-Fu offers skills, which can help anyone to achieve his or her full potential in becoming a complete person.


Kung-Fu training offers knowledge of body and space and in turn creates harmony within and combating the negatives of today’s life’s worries. The student can learn the will to banish fear forever & develop confidence in Self-Defence.


Kung Fu is a total way of life, of which personal combat is least significant for some people. Studying Kung-Fu promotes inner peace, mental health, strength, fortitude and patience, and it’s fun.


Kung-Fu can bring happiness, long life, promote success within and combat life without drugs or other crutches. It creates self-awareness and self-confidence, freeing the mind to cope with outside forces more effectively and eliminating confusion and frustration.


Success in all endeavours will follow. What you put in, is what you get out.



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